Visitors to the School – Entrance Procedures Regulation 3210

The School Board has adopted a new policy regarding visitors to School Buildings. Although close communication and supportive relationships between parents/guardians and schools are essential to increasing student achievement and enhancing school climate, the following procedures have been put in place so that our students, faculty and staff experience the greatest possible safety as they learn and teach.


1) Parents/guardians must call to make an appointment prior to visiting school personnel to ensure entry.

2) Parents/guardians may request a visit to their child's classroom(s) through the Building Principal, at which time the purpose of the visit will be established. The date and time of the visit will be mutually agreed upon directly between the parent/guardian and the teacher. The building principal will be notified, in advance, of the arrangements which have been agreed upon for the visit. The building greeter will be notified of the visit in advance.

3) Teachers may request that a parent/guardian visit the classroom by directly contacting the parent/guardian and establishing a mutually agreed upon time and date. The building principal and building greeter will be notified of the visit, in advance.

4) Visitations by individuals other than parents/guardians shall be arranged directly between the Building Principal and the individual making the request. The purpose of the visit will be made clear at that time in order to facilitate appropriate arrangements. The building greeter will be notified of the visit in advance.

5) Visitation will occur in a way that avoids or minimizes disruption to the normal learning process and the ordinary classroom routine. The Building Principal may be present when appropriate. Visitors agree to maintain confidentiality regarding information which they acquire during their visit.

6) If a staff member notices that a visitor does not have a badge or has not reported to their intended destination, he/she will immediately report that occurrence to the building principal/designee.


1) Each building has a designated secured single point of entry to be used by all visitors, students or other non-staff. Signs have been placed identifying the doors to be used to enter the building. All other exterior doors are noted as Secure Doors. Unauthorized entrance through a Secure Door will be considered trespassing.

2) Visitors are asked to buzz in, state their name and purpose of their visit. The building greeter will confirm the purpose of the visit prior to entry.

3) Visitors who are not recognized will be required to provide government issued identification.

4) Visitors who do not have an appointment may not be allowed to enter the building, or in some cases may need to wait a considerable time before being allowed entry.

5) Parents/Guardians coming to a building to: drop-off their child for late entrance; to drop off belongings for their child; to pick-up their child for appointments; or, pick-up their child in the case of emergency situations will be expected to follow the same procedures. Prior notification is not required. Parents/Guardians will be asked to wait in these instances in a designated area.

6) Upon entrance, all visitors must sign-in, note the time of entrance and receive a badge. The badge will state their name, date and destination. The badge must be visible at all times.

7) All visitors must sign out, note the time and exit the building from the main entrance.